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Bird Watching for Kids

Bird watching is an activity that both kids and adults can take part in no matter where they live. Furthermore, bird watching, or birding, is a very inexpensive hobby. Some bird watchers venture out into the woods to spot an allusive variety of bird while other more casual bird watchers put up a feeder in the backyard and observe their many feathered visitors.

When someone goes bird watching, he or she is observing the different types of birds that live in an area. People who participate in bird watching may expand on this activity in many ways. For instance, some bird watchers carry notebooks to record the various types of birds they see as well as how many. Other bird watchers like to photograph the birds they see and conduct research at home to identify them. Many bird watchers take binoculars out to favorite areas to watch birds that are in the treetops. Bird watching is a lot like fishing in that both require a great deal of patience and spend time waiting. Also, a bird watcher has to learn how to walk quietly so as not to disturb the birds or their environment. Bird watching is a relaxing activity that can really help a person to learn more about the feathered inhabitants of an area.

The equipment needed for bird watching depends upon a person's interest level. A dedicated bird watcher with plans to record the types of birds in area would likely need binoculars, a notebook, a camera, and a bird guidebook. Alternatively, a beginning bird watcher may simply want to walk to a wooded area, find a place to sit, and quietly observe the birds that live there. In general, all bird watchers need to wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Also, if a person is going to an unfamiliar place, a map, snacks, and some water would be wise to take along. Sometimes a bird watching trip is more successful with several people involved. After all, a bird that escapes the attention of one person may be noticed by another.

There are a few other tips that many beginning bird watchers should know. First, it's important not to disturb a bird's environment by making noise or leaving trash behind. Shaking trees or kicking brush also disturbs the environment of the birds and other animals that live there. A person must be respectful of the birds and the environment as well as other bird watchers.

Bird watching can be an ideal activity to share with a child. Parents can encourage kids by giving them a notebook for recording the names of the birds they see or even make drawings of them. A small, easy-to-use camera is a great gift for a young child who is a beginning birdwatcher. Kids can take photos and decorate a bulletin board with pictures of all of the birds they've seen. Parents can also challenge kids to find a bird that is rarely seen in their area. Bird watching is a hobby that can become more rewarding as a child grows older.

Some people who take up bird watching begin to feel more of an attachment to the natural world. It becomes an exciting pleasure to notice and admire the birds that live all around us.

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